“Tsuki-ita” is the name of a type of thinly sliced, paper-like timber. It is used by a wide variety of manufacturers in producing domestic furniture and fittings.

Thanks to continued custom, the tsuki-ita special timber craftsmanship has been pursued for about 70 years, making its base in Tokushima, on the eastern edge of Shikoku island.

The trees grown in various environments each represent their own uniqueness, with every individual wood grain seeming like a piece of natural art.
Indeed, even in its natural state it makes a beautiful material, but the timber craftsmanship and knowledge cultivated over 70 years of history, passed on across generations, has been brought together to deliver a variety of custom designs for you.

We believe that living in the presence of trees is as living in abundance. We strive to give shape to our customers’ wishes and in doing so supply them with a living space where they can feel a sense of tranquility.

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