New Collaboration between three Tokusima makers and German designer, Wolf Wagner.


OKADA Seitaru Ltd 

We use highly advanced technologies to arrange traditional Japanese ohitsu and barrels so they blend into modern lifestyle. Together with the German Designer Wolf Wagner we have developed consumer products like a stool which is covered with indigo textile or leather. Another development is a plant box for herbs and indigo plants from Tokushima. The plant box is available in various sizes and as one- or two layer solution.



Motobayashi-Kagu Co., Ltd.

We can respond to diverse needs with advanced processing technology and an integrated system and can produce a wide variety of items in small quantities.
Making maximum use of artisanal skills, we create outstanding spaces with contemporary designs and a wide range of materials.
In Hanover we exhibit a new table concept, designed by German Designer Wolf U. Wagner. It offers various options to arrange the table‘s size and functions.



Saitoh Co., Ltd.

Three-dimensional laser processing enables swift and precise processing of complex three dimensional metal products. We develop LED lighting combining high precision processed metal and LEDs.
In Hanover we exhibit a laser cut LED installation called TAGG which includes functional light and blue ambient light. TAGG is concepted and designed by German Designer Wolf U. Wagner and produced in cooperation with company Silver Making from Tokushima. TAGG is more than just an object. It offers laser-cut answers from citizens of Tokushima and Niedersachsen about a question that belongs to every human life:
„What do you think about friendship between humans?“